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    Please note that it is often difficult to take a call due to lectures and clinic commitments. Email is the most convenient way to make contact.

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    If you are looking for help with your thyroid condition, please do email details such as:

    diagnosis (if you have had one), current medication and supplements, current situation, symptoms experienced, age, where you are living, any dietary restrictions and whether you have worked with a practitioner before. This will enable us to spend more time with you during your discovery call.

    Many thanks.

  • Clinic Location

    All consultations (whether these are meetings, client consultations educational calls or practitioner support/supervision) are taken via online platforms; Zoom/FaceTime/Whatsapp/Messenger.

    Please email for further details.

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Thyroid Consultation Services

As The Thyroid Collective, headed up by The Thyroid Expert, we offer:

One to One Client Consultations with Registered Naturopathic Nutritional Therapists.

Support for practitioners and students within naturopathic and conventional medicine.

Online education for patients and practitioners to help understand any thyroid condition.

Webinars, conferences and regular talks held online and in Bristol.

Regular blogs, articles, recipes and interviews on the YouTube channel.