Jules Chandler, DipCNM, Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, is known as The Thyroid Expert and is the founder and director of The Thyroid Collective Ltd. She is a lecturer at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Bristol and is currently writing “The Thyroid Book” having published her first book “Three Little Things – a shortlist gratitude journal” in 2020. She is a self confessed “geek” and ensures that she has never, and will never, know everything about the complex beast that is the thyroid and endocrinology system. She moved from London in 2005 and lives with her two daughters, lovely husband, ginger girl-cat, silly sausage dog and a variety of small fish in South Bristol.

Jules spent years working in a stress filled environment within the corporate sector in London before an accident gifted her with a pause in her life. This pause enabled a refocus to discover her real life’s passion; helping others to heal and feel better and she embarked on a two year course, qualifying as an intuitive, holistic massage therapist.

An autoimmune hyperthyroid condition raised its ugly head in 2008, Graves Disease, shifting her focus once more toward an interest in natural health, in particular working alongside conventional medicine. This new interest prompted Jules to embark on her training within a science-based naturopathic medicine programme at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Bristol.  In her second year at the college, Jules was asked by her peers to take an impromptu class on thyroid health and was nicknamed “The Thyroid Expert” by her fellow classmates. She qualified three years later as a Naturopathic Nutritionist.

After the four years that Jules suffered at her worst with Graves Disease, she had no choice but to endure a total thyroidectomy in 2012. Living with Graves disease was life changing. She experienced horrific delusions, bipolar symptoms and inexplicable rages alongside daily debilitating fatigue, extreme muscle pain and constant illness. Post thyroidectomy, Jules felt she had “woken up”. She began to study and learn how naturopathic, natural medicines and alternative ways of living and eating could have reduced the risk of having such a radical operation. Since that point, she has endeavoured to help as many people as possible into the management of their thyroid disease. Not just so that they may possibly avoid a thyroidectomy, or radioactive iodine treatment, but to also improve quality of life. Nobody really understands how devastating thyroid disease can be whether it is over-active or under-active. As a patient, and now a science based practitioner, Jules understands thyroid disease in its entirety.

As a practitioner, Jules has helped hundreds of thyroid patients with one to one clinic sessions, local talks, webinars, podcasts, radio interviews and her yearly conference dedicated to thyroid health. She supports clients worldwide via Zoom and Skype.

In 2020, after years of coaching, lecturing and supporting other amazing practitioners with thyroid conditions, Jules has finally collected the beginnings of her much needed “thyroid army”, The Thyroid Collective.  This was launched in April 2020 and is a group of hand picked, Naturopathic Nutritional Therapists dedicated to supporting thyroid conditions to meet the needs of an ever increasing demand of thyroid patients.

In 2021, Jules made the decision to refer all clients to her trusted associate practitioners within the The Thyroid Collective as she studies a BSc in Biomedical Science at the University of the West of England.

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