Jules Chandler, known online as The Thyroid Expert, shares her story of identifying, treating, and managing her graves’ disease (overactive thyroid). In this episode – The Naturopathic Approach to Thyroid Conditions; Chandler provides a general overview of graves’ disease and other common thyroid conditions. She overviews conventional approaches to managing these conditions, then compares them to her holistic approach with naturopathic medicine.

Today, the London-based naturopathic nutritionist helps her clients manage their own thyroid problems through holistic yet individualised approaches.

In this podcast, Chandler shares her experiences with conventional medical therapies, the transition to naturopathic medicine, and her inspirations for obtaining her certifications with naturopathic nutrition. Chandler discusses why she recommends certain treatments for certain clients and gives us a preview on just how personalised naturopathic medicine can (and should) be.

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