Free 15 minute assessment

What happens during this FREE 15 minute Discovery Call with a member of The Thyroid Collective?

  • Discuss your thyroid condition , diagnosed or undiagnosed, with an expert.
  • Talk through what you have tried so far or how you have journeyed with the NHS.
  • Learn how simple techniques with nutrition, herbs and lifestyle changes may benefit your thyroid.
  • Discover how you can access discounted private testing panels and why you will need them.
  • Use the time to ask any questions you may have regarding the process

Email today to begin the process…


All of our practitioners have been where you are – we know how it feels to live with thyroid dysnfunction.


We don’t just discuss your thyroid health…every experience, trauma, illness and symptom is considered.


Testing is critical and we have discounts with many private laboratories in the UK and USA.


Our practitioners were all former patients so we understand the emotional cost of living with thyroid disease. Let us help you get better.