Student or Practitioner Coaching

Need help deciphering thyroid labs? Overwhelmed with the complexities of thyroid health and how this affects the rest of the body? Or perhaps some help around how to start your own clinic?

Book a coaching session with Jules Chandler. As an CNM graduate (and CNM lecturer since 2017) Jules has been running her own successful clinic since 2005.

Thyroid illness is an extremely complex subject. If you are navigating this as a practitioner or student and feel you need some guidance, you’re not alone…


As an holistic therapist since 2005, Jules has 15 years clinical and mentoring experience and has been a lecturer at CNM since 2017.


Your needs as a practitioner or student are as unique as your client’s’ or case study’s.  Jules has a range of tools to help support and coach every individual.


Each support session is treated as strictly confidential, giving you as a student or practitioner complete confidence in receiving the coaching you need.


Jules teaches endocrinology at CNM, supervises the CNM Student Clinic and has enjoyed a specialist interest in thyroid conditions since 2008.

Coaching tailored to you as a nutritional therapist

  • Review labwork and testing.
  • Discuss naturopathic treatment aims.
  • Revisit the endocrine system and learn how it affects the entire body.
  • Learn which supplements work better than others with certain thyroid conditions.
  • Explore further testing options such as DNA testing or pathogenics.
  • Discuss the root cause of thyroid dysnfunction in your patient.
  • Tap into a vast array of clinical experience to manage any problems you may have with clients or clinical protocols.

However you use this coaching session, you will come away with renewed confidence.

Student or Practitioner coaching

£65 per 30 minute phone call
(includes thyroid test analysis if results are sent for analysis 24hrs pre-appointment)