One-to-One Thyroid Consultations & Programs

Your health journey, your way…

During your first one-to-one thyroid consultation, we take ALL of your health into consideration… your entire body, mind and way of living… it’s not just about your thyroid health!

We aim to determine the root cause/s of your symptoms so that a unique plan can be created for you to help address your overall health.

All Thyroid Collective practitioners diligently prepare for each consultation and program, researching pathological pathways, appropriate supplementation and prescribed medications.

The Thyroid Collective is a closed group of practitioners who have been working together since 2020. Each practitioner has their own particular interest within thyroid health which makes our group incredibly unique.

We know you’ll have many questions about us, about your thyroid and how we can help you feel better. Take a look here at our Frequently Asked Questions which you can discuss further during a FREE discovery call to assess your thyroid health with a trusted practitioner within The Thyroid Collective.

The consultation process

Want to know how we work?

Watch this video with Jules Chandler, The Thyroid Expert, explain the clinical process our practitioners use.

Please note program duration and number of sessions may vary depending on the package/program purchased.

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards” ~ Soren Kierkegaard, Danish Philosopher

Understand your thyroid

Learn how your thyroid affects your entire body, not just your thyroid hormone levels.

Be empowered

Be empowered to manage your own health and receive the care you need with a practitioner who truly understands.

Learn the latest research

Bust the outdated thyroid myths and be guided with latest scientific research.

Thyroid testing

Access private home-based testing: thyroid hormones, thyroid DNA and comprehensive gut and hormone panels.

Support Programs and Testing

Our most popular package starts at £675 for 3-month’s support, but do get in touch to book a FREE discovery call to discuss the right level of support and any appropriate testing for you.

Testing Options include:

Advanced Thyroid Panel with key nutrients
Lifecode GX Nutrigenomics/DNA testing
Comprehensive stool testing
Comprehensive blood testing
Organic Acid Testing
DUTCH hormones panels.

All of the above tests can be done in the comfort of your own home, with the exception of comprehensive blood testing which requires a blood draw.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to work with those with active cancer, a current eating disorder or chronic kidney disease (CKD), as these conditions require additional specialist practitioner training. If this applies to you, please contact us for details of trusted practitioners with the required training that we can refer you to.