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FREE One to One Thyroid Consultation | The Thyroid Expert

One to One Thyroid Consultations

Supporting Your Unique Thyroid Health

During a one to one thyroid consultation, we take ALL of your health into consideration…your entire body, mind and way of living….it’s not just about your thyroid’s behavioural issues! We need to know how it all started, in order to determine the root cause of the problem. Only then can we figure out how to manage and improve your health with nutrition, herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes.

We know you’ll have many questions about your thyroid and how it is affecting your health. Take a look here at our Frequently Asked Questions which you can discuss further during a FREE discovery call to assess your thyroid health. with a trusted practitioner within The Thyroid Collective.

Welcome to the beginning of your health journey…

The consultation process

During a 45 minute one to one clinic session, information on your entire story is considered.  Blood testing is used to ascertain exactly what your thyroid hormone output is, alongside critical nutrients and stress hormones. And then we can begin…

This video with Jules Chandler The Thyroid Expert, explains the clinical process.

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards” ~ Soren Kierkegaard, Danish Philosopher

Understand your thyroid

Learn how your thyroid affects your entire body, not just your thyroid hormone levels.

Be empowered

Be empowered to manage your own health and receive the care you need with a team who truly understand.

Learn the latest research

Bust the outdated thyroid myths and be guided with latest scientific research.

Thyroid testing

Access private, home-based testing; thyroid hormones, thyroid DNA and intricate gut panels.

One to One Consultations

Packages & Pricing

Private testing is included in the price of the package as a basic thyroid panel is essential for all new clients.

Testing looks in detail at your thyroid function, relevant vitamins and elements for a more in-depth analysis of overall thyroid health.

Private testing can be carried out at home with a finger-prick testing kit.

There may be further testing advised by your practitioner such as the LifeCodeGX Thyroid Balance DNA Test (£249) the Genova GI Effects Gut Panel (£355) or further Rt3 Testing with Blue Horizon Medicals. This will be discussed with you during your initial consultation and ONLY offered if it is deemed necessary.

Book your FREE thyroid assessment here

During your call FREE no obligation discovery call, Jules will take notes and then, if appropriate, direct your case to the best fit with a trusted member of The Thyroid Collective.