“Our events and publications are created by thyroid patients, for thyroid patients.”

Jules Chandler
Founder & Director of The Thyroid Collective

The Thyroid Conference

Its important for us to have a space where we can all learn together as thyroid patients. In fact, it’s so important to me, I wrote a blog about it which you can read here.

So far there have been two fantastic conferences held in Bristol. With a host of speakers, this day long event has been sold out on both occasions and we can’t wait for the days when we can be together again to learn about all things thyroid!

Monthly Support Group in Knowle West Healthy Living Centre

On the last Thursday of every month, a group of thyroid patients (diagnosed and undiagnosed) meet at 1pm for 90 minutes at Knowle West Healthy Living Centre. This session is FREE and facilitated by member of The Thyroid Collective. It is a drop in session and we don’t ask for any commitment from you to attend.

*Please note that this is on hold at the moment since the pandemic. Join the mailing list to stay updated.*

Thyroid Webinars

Want to learn more about how the thyroid works, or perhaps examine your DNA to see how it affects your Levothyroxine medication conversion? Webinars are a great way to learn more. Keep an eye out for the latest webinar via the Thyroid Expert Facebook page and visit the Thyroid Expert Blog Page for previous webinars.

The Thyroid Talks

A popular 2 hour event held in the Keynsham Civic Building attended by patients, practitioners and doctors. This is an informal and fun educational session which includes thyroid basics, what can go wrong, testing options, GP and holistic approaches and simple ideas to manage your own thyroid health.

Books & Resources

“Three Little Things” and its sequel “Three More Little Things” are two short -list journals created by Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist Jules Chandler.

“Taking the time to write down three positive experiences morning and evening can help anyone transform their thinking. It moves the mind away from the critical voices and toward the loving ones. Listing just three things daily creates a positive and powerful effect, without the overwhelm.”

Both journals include a three month positive journaling experience.

A work in progress, “The really easy to understand thyroid book” is the first book from Jules Chandler, The Thyroid Expert and is due to be launched in the Summer of 2022.

Watch this space!

Have a question about a thyroid event?

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